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Instagram gb Download || GBinsta latest Original version [1.70] For Android

Download gb instagram

Download gb instagram: There is no denying that Instagram is the most popular social platform to share photos, videos, and stories with our friends and audience. It was launched back in 2010 and it slowly began to rise as a best social media app with total the user base of 1 billion active users monthly. It is the most popular social media service after Facebook which lets the celebrities, authors, and entrepreneurs expand their portfolio by engaging their audience with photos and videos. GB Instagram update is the modded version of this popular Instagram app and it is modified to give it’s users a better experience compared to the official version. In today’s article, we all get to know how GBInstagram latest version is different from the official Instagram version and we will have look at its features which I am sure you would love giving a shot at it. So let’s get started.

People called Instagram, a photo and video sharing community with thousands of people reaching their audiences and followers. The ultimate way to celebrate your friendship. Instagram is a simple way to capture and share some of the memorable moments that we don’t want to lose. Watch stories and live videos of people you care most and see what they’re up to. Dive into the huge world of photos, videos shared by users all over the globe. Follow new people on the explore tab.

What’s GB Instagram

If you don’t know about GB Instagram, let me tell you that this is the modified version of the official Instagram app in which Lots of changes have been made to give users more advantages and better control over the app. Also as far as the official version is considered, there are few drawbacks that simply ruin the user experience. Those drawbacks are removed and instead of that more advanced features are included in the GB Instagram latest version. Plus there will be no additional cost or hidden charges for using GB Instagram updated version Since GB Instagram app does come from the official developers, it is not available on the Google Play Store but you can download it from the link given below.

We have saw, there are lots of third-party Instagram apps available on different websites. But for the utmost security and privacy reasons, we recommend you to download the updated version of GB Instagram APK from our website, we keep updating the app when the developer releases the latest version. All the popular social media modded apps are available on our website. You can check them out too. But for today, let’s talk about GB Instagram MOD APK and its awesome features.

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GB Instagram APK Information

App size:38MB
Download on:Google Play
User Rating:4.4 out of 5 
Downloads:1, 000,000,000+
Requires Android:4.3+
Root Require:Not Needed
Last updated:Nov 30, 2019

Features Of GB Instagram


>is made on top of the latest Instagram app version

>If you read someone’s story, you can hide it.

>You Can Mark any message with a star.

>You can turn off left and right dragging option.

>Tons of themes available to download.

>Users can download images, videos, and GIFs from Instagram.

>Built-in auto translator: For those who have foreign friends.

>You can copy and paste the caption text from the Instagram post.

>Added zoom option for images.

>Can be able to Zoom profile picture.

>Dual Instagram: Can use Two accounts of Instagram on one phone with GB Instagram.

>Can copy anyone’s bio.

>No-root needed.

>No Ban issues.

>Totally free without any additional or hidden charge

>App Updates: GB Instagram gets updated regularly when new version releases.

>and much more coming out soon

>Most Useful Features of GB Instagram

Download Images, Videos, and GIFs Shared: This is the most important feature GB Instagram as the official version doesn’t let users download videos and images if their friends share them on Instagram. So many peoples who don’t know about GB Instagram simply take the screenshot and crop it and then share it wherever they want. But you can do this only in case of images, there’s no way to download videos shared on Instagram. That’s why to improve the in-game experience, mod developers have added the option to let users download the images. Download GB Instagram APK from our site.

Dual Instagram:

GB Instagram recently received this feature, where users can be able to use more than one account in the same GBInstagram APK. This feature simply eliminates the need of users to Log out and Log in again with the different accounts. Some people have one more account other than their official account, so one account for businesses and the audience and one account for personal life. In this case, GB Instagram provides you to use 2 different accounts in the same app by simply tapping on change the account button.


Download gb instagram

We all got bored with the same simple and clean Instagram interface, and sometimes our eyes ask for some unique and colorful design. There are tons of themes with different styles and designs. You can choose any one of them according to your preference. To take advantage of customization options download GB Instagram now from the links given below.

Hide your online presence:

Download gb instagram

This feature becomes very useful when we don’t want others to know that we have seen their status or story. We always love to keep things private and sometimes we don’t want ourselves to be called a stalker. There are a lot of people who are very close to us and we always keep an eye on their statuses and stories whenever they post. But this might not be a comfortable situation for everyone out there, so why not downloading GB Instagram and use this awesome feature.

Copy Anyone’s bio and Post Caption:

Download gb instagram

There are times when we get impressed with someone’s caption in his post and we wanted to copy it instantly but unfortunately official version of Instagram doesn’t let us do it. So developers added this feature in GBInsta for the ease and comfort of the users. You can now easily copy anyone’s post caption and paste it somewhere else. Not only this, but the app also got the latest addition in which you can even copy someone’s comment from the comment section. This might look like a simple feature, but it makes things much easier for us. So why not have a chance and try the latest version GB Instagram. Download now, more awesome features are on the way.

Some more features of GB Instagram

Download gb instagram

We have talked about some of the most asked features of GB Instagram. Yet, there are still some features available in GB Instagram which are useful in some ways. These include marking any message with a star, Built-in auto Translator, Zoom in feature for images and profile picture, No root needed, Anti-Ban APK and Frequent updates with more upcoming features.

Mark any message with a star:

Download gb instagram

In the official version, we can’t mark any message with a star or we simply cannot mark or highlight any message in the chatbox. But with this version of GB Instagram, we can mark any message with a star so it would become easy for us to find it later when we need.

Built-in auto translator:

Download gb instagram

We have got friends from India as well as from other countries, and obviously, we don’t know their language. When they comment on our posts, we can’t simply understand and we have to manually search it on Google to know what does it mean. This problem can simply be eliminated by using GB Instagram. Since it has the feature of the auto-translation, You can translate text from the post caption or comments section with just one click within the app itself. Download GB Instagram now.

Zoom in for profile pictures and Images:

Download gb instagram

In the official Instagram app, there is a major drawback, we can’t zoom in the profile picture and images shared by friends. But with the latest version of GBInstagram, you can zoom in the images and profile pictures. Just tap on any picture and pinch out to zoom in any image.

Anti-ban APK and No root :

Download gb instagram

GB Instagram is free to download and use, there’s no hidden cost or additional charges will be applied if you use GB Instagram APP. Also, there are some GB Instagram APK available on the Internet which gets banned after using the APK for some time. But, this app is made in such a way that it will not get banned. Some third-party apps need your devices to root so they can function properly, GB Instagram doesn’t require you to root your device. So considering all these features, GB Instagram is the best Instagram alternative app available on our site. Download GB Instagram now!

Version Updates-:

  • New Base Updated to
  • Added Support for IGTV
  • Added Video Calls
  • You can make a chat favourite
  • Now can Add Voice Note in Story
  • Now can Add Tag in Story
  • Fixed Bubble Color when Reply to Story
  • Fixed Themes after Viewing Post in Search
  • Fixed Crash when Click on Download/Preview
  • Many More Fixes
**V1.50 / 18-07-2018**
  • New Base Updated to
  • Added Chats Filter
  • Added Favourite Button for Chats
  • Slider Filter for Stories
  • Many More Fixes
**V1.40 / 13-04-2018**
  • New Base Updated to
  • Added Privacy – Hide View Status (GBSettings – Privacy) (Don’t Show Your Name even If you View Someone’s Story)
  • Added Option to Disable Slide Navigation (Mod 7.2)
  • Added Add Comment from Home Screen
  • Added Possibility to Follow/Unfollow without Open Profile (Click on 3 Dots of the Post and click Follow or Unfollow)
  • Added Option to Color Add Comment in Home Screen (Mod
  • Added Option to Color Add Comment Background in Home Screen (Mod
  • Added Option to Color Post Comment Text in Home Screen (Mod
  • Fixed Profile Picture Zoom/Blur
  • Fixed Error 150 when Downloading Themes
  • Fixed White Line Showing on Comments Screen above Text Entry
  • Fixed Theme Issue when Open Post from Notifications Tab
  • Fixed Recent Stories on Home Feed Tab
  • Many More Fixes
**V1.30 / 08-01-2018**
  • Added Server Themes for In-App Download
  • Added Options to Theme Profile Screen(Mod 6)
  • Added Options to Theme Notifications Screen(Mod 5)
  • Fixed White line on Home Screen
  • Many More Fixes
**V1.20 / 19-11-2017**
  • New Base Updated to (Beta)
  • Added Options to Theme Home Feeds Page (Mod 4.1 – Mod 4.5)
  • Added Poll
  • Added Options to Save/Load/Clear/Share Themes(GBSettings – More)
  • Added Ability to Theme Like Color in Direct Message (DM) (1.2.17)
  • Added Ability to Theme Like Color in Main/Chats Screen(Mod 2.2.11)
  • Fixed Translucent Mod
  • Fixed Bubble Theme Color
  • Many More Fixes
**V1.10 / 13-10-2017**
  • Added Preview for Videos/Images (Now you can play videos in External Music Player)
  • Added When some uploads More than 1 image Simultaneously, download will save all pics at Once
  • Added Themed Comments page (Mod 3.x)
  • Added GB Settings Icon on Header of profile
  • Fixed Image Share Icon
  • Other Fixes
**V1.00 / 02-10-2017**
  • Special thanks to (@OGMods)
  • New Based on (PlayStore)
  • Added Ability to Download Video/Images
  • Added Ability to Share/Copy Video/Images Url
  • Added Ability to Download Stories
  • Added options to Theme Chats/Chat screen
  • Added Ability to Copy Comment
  • Added Ability to Translate Comments
  • Added Ability to copy Bio
  • Added Ability to Zoom Profile Pics (Press & Hold the Profile Image)
  • Added Ability to Support Links in App
  • Added Option to Start Audio Directly with Video
  • Added You will know who follows you

People Ask Questions about GB Instagram

Is GB Instagram Safe?

Ans-: Yes, actually GB Instagram is built on top of the latest version of the official Instagram app. Though the app is not available on Google play store and it doesn’t come from Instagram official sources, we can say that it is secure and there will be no issues using it.

What is GB Instagram?

Ans-: As we have discussed it earlier in the article above, GB Instagram is the modded third-party version of the official Instagram app. All the features of the official app will remain the same, but it comes with some additional features which lack in the original version.

How to Download GB Instagram?

Ans-: Since GB Instagram is not the official version of Instagram, it is not available on the Google Play store. There are lots of websites on the Internet that provide download links but all are not secure and safe. You might fail for spyware or malware. So, we recommend you to download GB Instagram from our website. Direct download links will be provided below, just click and download.

Download gb instagram || gbinsta latest Original version [1.70] For Android



As we have discussed earlier, Download GB Instagram and get provides tons of feature which official Instagram app fail to do. Some of the features like downloading the images and videos, to be able to hide online presence, dual Instagram, customization which comes with several themes. Not only this, more amazing features are under action and they are soon to be released by the developers. Now, after having a look at this feature, you will surely want to use this modified version of Instagram. Well, we understand you and that’s why we have given the direct download link for “Download GB Instagram“. It’s just not an Instagram, but it is something more than that. Download now and enjoy those all features for free. There is another app called GBWhatsApp is available on our site check out now

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