Mr Bullet Mod Apk Download v.1.6 || [Infinite Cash + Unlocked]

Mr Bullet Mod Apk is one of the best multiple Puzzle Android game developed by Lion Studios in publish Jul 12, 2019, and if you want to download this game in modded version then you are congratulations because today we gonna share with you Mr Bullet Mod Apk! “Download Now

Info of Mr Bullet Mod Apk

Size40 MB
Available atGoogle Play
Updated on20 Nov 2019

Mr Bullet Mod apk

One of The Best Multiple Puzzle Game

Hey, dude if really love to play puzzle Android game then you will definitely like our this mod Apk because we are provided one of the best and updated mod Apk. And if don’t know about this game then don’t worry we will show you all about

First of all, we want to know who or which developers publishing this game, Lion Studio publishing this game in  Jul 12, 2019.

And this gameplay is not too easy just you have to use your brain in this unique puzzle game. You will need precise aim and laser focus to take down enemies, ninjas, and many other bad guys you will encounter in the world! Travel to new lands, save hostages and use unique weapons like grenade launchers to combat your foes. Start your adventure now! The one thing you have to ask yourself is: can you do it in one shot?

Mod Feature

  • Infinite Cash
  • Infinite Trikes
  • Many Stars
  • Unlocked levels
  • Unlocked mini Gems
  • Assassins suit unlocked
  •  No Ads (Free)

Infinite Cash 

yes if you download us this mod Apk then you will get infinite cash instant in your Mr Bullet Game. Everyone’s want to unlimited money but they don’t have because only mod player only know how to get unlimited money and if don’t know then don’t worry we are showing you how it works. Just you have to download this game and install in your device it’s  enough to get unlimited money

Mr bullet mod apk


Infinite Trikes

If don’t have any idea how to play Mr Bullet then watch a video clip from YouTube we are provided in the middle of the article just watch and learn how to play. After watching you can understand how to play but you don’t have any idea how to play better so. If you want to know play like a pro then you can download this mod Apk

Many Stars

If you play this modded version of Mr Bullet then you can get 3 starts every level because you will play like a pro. So Download now Mr Bullet Mod Apk Now.

Unlocked Levels

Hey, you want to play all levels of Mr Bullet? But you can’t cross a hard level don’t worry. Because our this latest version has unlocked all levels. If can’t cross a hard levels then just do hit a skip bottom a play next level it’s so easy

Unlocked mini Gems

If you want to play with unlimited gems then don’t worry just download this new features modded Apk and get unlimited gems you don’t need to root your device just download. Because this Apk is already modified by third-parties. Don’t worry it’s is fully safe for your device with you Download now Mr Bullet Mod Apk With get mega modded version.

Assassins suit unlocked

We have said that this mod Apk has an extra modded feature and another amazing mod feature is you can Wearing assassins suit for free and it’s only possible our this mod Apk. And we think you should try it now.

No Ads (Free)

Nobody likes to see ads when they play their favorite game that’s why today we are provided ads-free mod Apk. And if Mr Bullet is your favorite puzzle game then this mod Apk Specially made for you because this mod Apk is fully ads-free (No Ads) and if think you have to root this game then you are wrong just do one thing click download and get this mod Apk in your device and install that’s it

How to play Mr Bullet Mod Apk

Mr Bullet Mod apk

Puzzle game! We all love to play but this Mr Bullet has some extra fun so if love puzzle game then you definitely like this Android game and get extra funny moments. And if you don’t know how to play Mr Bullet Mod Apk then don’t panic we will try to show you how to play! We have told you this is a multiple puzzle game you can play every part with separate ways like you have to kill your enemy, kill your enemy without any Haram your hostage and like more

1. Grenades play: Grenades play is first level and play very you must be killed your enemy in throw grenades. And if grenades blast in your beside then you will never damage it’s very easy

2. Hostage play: Now the second one is some tuff but if you play carefully you can win. Just you have to kill you enemy without any human your hostage in gunfire. Many people think it’s playing so easy but nothing too much 😐. Because bullet can be returned and maybe kill your hostage and you have to play again but the good news is you can skip the level if can’t do that level

3. Friendly Fire play: And another amazing level is friendly fire it’s a deferent type rules just you have killed your enemy by gunfire only you have to save your self. And fire carefully because if bullet return then you will be killed so after fire you have calculate then fire and save your self

4. Mission play: Mission play also not a tuff if you play better mission teams is you have Limit bullet and cross 1/5 levels then win a single level. I mean maybe you have 6 bullets and have to kill 15 enemies it’s very easy. But some cases you never do if you can’t, just skip so easy 😅 Now why you waiting for what Hit Download Bottom And get Mr Bullet Mod Apk Instant in your device

5. Mini-Games play: And the last one is mini-games and this level is some Deferent to another level. If you have a play bubble blast then you can understand it because of some like that. Maybe you can love to play this level also you have collect bullet and broke a box with collect money also


Mr Bullet Mod Apk Download v.1.6 || [Infinite Cash + Unlocked]


Final decision

Mr Bullet – Spy Puzzles Mod Apk Download and get 5 types of puzzle game In one game our this Apk is fully updated with extra modded features So “Download Now Mr Bullet Mod Apk”. And we have shown all Apk information in first of post then we have shown all modded features for your play better we have shown also all level play for better play. Now we are expected to you only for your feedback you can leave a comment and write also which part you play most. That’s it we have done and you will enjoy your favorite puzzle game Mr Bullet mod Apk so keep with us for more mod Apk and all updated

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