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Run Race 3D Mod Apk Hack Download *Unlimited Money mod (V_1.1.4)


Run Race 3D MOD APK: Run Race 3D is one of those games where you can guess what the aim of the game is from the title. You play a low definition person whose one goal in life is to finish first in a race of five. Sounds easy enough, but reading these tips will guarantee to finish in that top spot. A lot of games recently have taken inspiration from the racing genre. This is where you get random people together where they do some strange activity and there can be only one winner. In Run Race 3D MOD APK you complete a series of tracks with only one aim, finish first. If you don’t finish first, then you will be stuck in the same course for eternity. Download Run Race 3D MOD APK.

Run Race 3D MOD APK

Info of Ran Race 3d

Size38 MB
Available atGoogle Play
Updated on29 April 2019

What’s In Run Race MOD APK

Run Race 3D MOD APK

Run Race 3D MOD APK is a simple one-button game, where the only input you have control over is your jump. Bad timing of your jumps will cause you to drop behind the competition, which confirms you’ll be playing this level at least one more time. Master your timing, practice more and more to get mastery in this game.

How To Play Run Race MOD APK

Run Race 3D MOD APK
  • Double Jump: Pressing the screen twice in a row will allow your character to perform a double jump. This double jump will allow you to jump higher than your opposition which will give you an extra couple of meters. These meters can afford you a slight slip-up, or it will win you the race. Get Run race 3D MOD APK version.

Every meter counts: If you can extend your lead a meter on every lap, then you are doing great. Don’t expect to pull away immediately, focus on gaining more and more ground no matter how small.

  • Double jump to wall bounce: In Run Race 3D MOD APK, When you are bouncing from one wall to another, always start with a double jump. This will ensure you are higher up on the wall when you bounce, meaning it will take you fewer bounces to get out.
  • Wall bounce off the rope: In a few levels of Run Race 3D MOD APK, you will see a really narrow corridor and have to grab a rope to pull you up. If you jump to and from the rope, you will gain more yards than just grabbing and holding.
  • Know when to jump: This tip applies across the entire game. Timing your jumps is crucial, especially on obstacles that can cost you time. Anything like a zip-line or a slide will speed up quicker than jumping. But, if you time your jump at the end of the slide/zip-line then you avoid touching any walls which slow you down.
  • Timing Is Important: In Run Race 3D MOD APK, timing your jumps properly plays a crucial role, especially when you have to deal with obstacles. There are times when slides or zip-lines will get you further than jumping. But, if you manage to time your jumps right at the end of a zip-line or slide, you will avoid touching the walls. Touching a wall will slow you down, so try to avoid doing it.

Collect Coins And Unlock Skins

There are levels in Run Race 3D MOD APK, where you will get to play alone, with no competitors. Those levels are filled with coins, waiting for you to collect them. Make sure to grab as many as possible. You can use the coins to unlock a wide variety of amazing skins. You can get a ton of new skins in this game using the coins that you earn from races. Tap on the little green player icon on the right side of the main screen to open the whole list of skins. You can buy them using coins, and you can get character designs such as superheroes, ninjas, and sports players of various types. If you need extra coins to unlock a skin in Run Race 3D MOD APK, you can watch a video ad. You will be rewarded with 75 coins. And the good news is that you can watch as many ads as you wish. You will be rewarded for watching ads but the good news is that we are providing you with unlimited Coins. Explore more to download Run Race 3D MOD APK.

Unlock New Maps

Each time you win first place on a level, you’ll unlock a brand new map. If you finish between second and fourth place on a level, you’ll play the same level again. After winning first place on enough levels, you’ll unlock a bonus level. Here, you’re the only player on the level, and you will be able to win loads of coins by playing it.


What’s Special in Run Race 3D MOD APK

Run Race 3D MOD APK

Regular games are just boring and cliche. We don’t like to spend our money on such games but still want to taste all those features? Then you are at the right place, we at hellomodapk.com strive to provide you with modded APKs of games, so you can enjoy all the paid features for free without spending a single penny. Now, let’s talk about the Run Race 3D MOD APK now.

Unlimited Coins

Ad-Free UI

Run Race 3D MOD APK Unlimited Coins:With unlimited coins, you can purchase Verity of suits including spiderman, ninja, Deadpool and much more. Who doesn’t love to dance and enjoy? There are tons of dance types and gestures with you can enjoy and celebrate your victory. Some like skinny body while some like fatty body while some loves to have a fit body. All these types of body types can be purchased without spending a single penny on the shop. So what are you waiting for? Download Run Race 3D MOD APK Now.

Installation Guide

Run Race 3D MOD APK

How to install

You already know all about the game, now this is time to download and install it. For this click on the Download link provided below and Download the Run Race 3D MOD APK.

Run Race 3D MOD APK

How install

Now, after downloading go to your device’s internal storage and file manager. Then copen Download folder and look for the APK file named Run Race 3D MOD APK. Click on the MOD APK and tap install button. The installation process will take some time, seat back and relax till it is completed. After installation process is completed, just open the game and enjoy Run Race 3D MOD APK.

Run Race 3D MOD APK

Run Race 3D MOD APK installing

Final Verdict

We all love simple and clean game where we can only use one hand to play the game and still game doesn’t feel boring. Then Run Race 3D MOD APK is actually made for you. It provides you with simple yet interesting gameplay. All you have to do is to run, jump and reach towards your end point to win the game. Here timing also matter so you will have to master it. Another thing is that we are providing you with Run Race 3D MOD APK which is actually modded version of the original game. In this you will be getting unlimited coins and Ad-Free UI. So what are you waiting for? Just go and Download Run Race 3D MOD APK now.


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