YOWhatsApp Gold

YOWhatsApp Gold Features Apk Download [Official Anti-Ban] Latest Version

Hi WhatsApp users if you looking to download YOWhatsApp Gold Features then don’t exit this page because today in this we will know more about YOWhatsApp Gold Features deeply. WhatsApp is one of the most popular online massager and YOWhatsApp Gold version is Same as Normal version but YOWhatsapp have lots of extra features that you obviously like so let’s see and learn more thi YOWhatsApp Gold Version. And another good news is we are provided you direct download link where you can download this apk very easily

people called WhatsApp, the most popular chatting and sharing media platform with thousands of people can contact with there friends or family. The ultimate way to celebrate your friendship. WhatsApp is a simple way to capture and share some of the memorable moments that we don’t want to lose. Watch status and chat of people you care most and see what they’re up to. Dive into the huge world of photos, videos shared by users all over the globe.

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Info of YOWhartsApp Gold

App size: 37MB
Version: 2.19.230
Genre: Social
Root Required: No
Specialty: Dark Mode & Screen Lock
Price: Free
Requires Android: 5.0+
Last Update: 14 Nov 2019
Downloads: 1,000,000,000+

In YOWhatsApp Gold some time people called also WhatsApp Gold. And maybe you don’t know, now gold feature and YO feature in one version which Name is YOWhatsApp Gold so if want to know more about this version then keep read this post then we hope you can be understood what’s new or features you can get in YOWhatsApp Gold


YOWhatsApp Gold

What’s YOWhatsApp Gold

For those who don’t know about YOWhatsApp Gold , let me tell you that this is the modified version of the official WhatsApp app in which Lots of changes have been made to give users more advantage and better control over the app. Also as far as the official version is considered, there are few drawbacks which simply ruins the user experience. Those drawbacks are removed and instead of that more advanced features are included in the YOWhatsApp Gold Features latest version. Plus there will be no additional cost or hidden charges for using YOWhatsApp updated version Since YOWhatsApp Gold app does come from the official developers, it is not available on the Google Play Store but you can download it from the link given below this post.

To be said that, there are lots of third-party YOWhatsApp Gold Version apps available on different websites. But for the utmost security and privacy reasons, we recommend you to download the updated version of YOWhatsApp Gold APK from our website, we keep updating the app when the developer releases the latest version. All the popular social media modded apps are available on our website. You can check them out too. But for today, let’s talk about “YOWhatsApp Gold MOD APK” and its awesome features.

What’s New YOWhatsApp Gold Features


YOWhatsApp Gold

In this YOWhatsApp Gold version have lots of updated features like, Gold Setting, Massage Auto reply, aeroplane mode, and more amazing features. Now we will explain more deeply so keep read

  • Auto Reply
  • Dark Mode
  • YoWA Widget
  • New Gold Themes
  • More privacy settings
  • Unlimited Media Send
  • Uncountable Forwards option
  • Private screen locks(pattern, fingers, password)
  • Universal setting
  • More…

Auto Reply-: if you don’t have time to reply you massage then you can set your reply then enable auto reply. Because some people haven’t enough time to reply a massage that’s why lot’s of people love this feature and may you also love it
Dark Mode-: I don’t know many people want to use dark mode and if you want to in your WhatsApp dark then you can access in dark made your WhatsApp easily. Just go to gold Setting option there you can see dark mode option just enable dark mode
YOWP Widget-: As we told you in this YOWhatsApp Gold have extra features and widget option only have in our version so you can customize your WhatsApp as you want. So download now YOWhatsApp Gold Features
New Gold Themes-: If want see your WhatsApp in new look then you can easily here have lot’s of wp themes you can choose any one and used as you want so let’s try updated gold themes that’s your will obviously love.
More Privacy settings-: As every WhatsApp users know privacy settings has every WhatsApp where we can control our privacy like who can see our profile or last see, but in YOWhatsApp Gold version have more privacy settings that you can use and secure your privacy more.

Unlimited Media Send-: Are want to send your friends some big size media but you can’t then don’t worry use this version or Send a huge size media. And I don’t know maybe you don’t know normal WhatsApp version has Limit media share option but this YOWhatsApp Gold Features you can send any thing
Uncountable Forwards option-: some time we want to forwards some exclusive news or important massage to our friends or family but we can’t in normal version but it’s time to change our Tacnecl style so use this YOWhatsApp Gold Feature and forwards your every friends
Private screen locks-: Are you streak to about your privacy? And that’s why you use other app lock application so stop to use those app lock apk because all upcoming WhatsApp features have in YOWhatsApp Gold Apk. Here you can manage your secure privacy in this YOWhatsApp version here already have WhatsApp lock deferent option like pattern lock, fingers lock, password lock, so don’t use other applications to lock WhatsApp and download now YOWhatsApp Gold Features

YOWhatsApp Gold
Auto Reply

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V8 Anti-Ban YOWhatsApp Gold Update Details

Base Update 2.19.230

NEW YoMods Settings design

NEW Live preview of your color changes!

Added Airplane mode  (disable whatsapp messages when you need!)

Added Hidden chat will not show in home unread counter

Added Hidden chats will not show in “Forward to…” screen. (You can re-enable from Hidden Chats Settings)

Added Option to clear WA database backups

Fixed More bug fixes and improvements!

Misc Many other things that I forgot :p

Misc Enjoy and discover by yourself!
***V7.99 Anti-Ban2***


Added More Anti-Ban

Important note, if you have been banned before:

1- Uninstall/remove YoWhatsApp first

2- Install V7.99 and Verify number again.

Fixed Not enough space message

Fixed Recording Crash

Fixed com.yowa cannot add custom stickers

Fixed Deleted message icon not showing

Fixed White theme Icons in Voice/Video Call

Fixed Google Play Service error message on registration
***V7.96 Anti-Ban***


(Eid Mubarak)

Base Update 2.19.150


Important note, if you have been banned before:

1- Uninstall/remove YoWhatsApp first

2- Install V7.96 and Verify number again.

Exclusive Status Splitter, Split long videos to 30 seconds parts

Added Missing Old emojis (iOS)

Enabled Ignore Archived chats (Settings > Notifications)

Enabled Frequently forwarded tag on messages forwarded 5+ times

Enabled See how many times you forwarded a message (Select > info)

Improved Anti-ban measures

Improved Performance and reduced lag

Improved Faster opening app time

Fixed Anti-delete Status/Messages option not disabling

Fixed Hidden chats show in widget

Fixed Random crashes when a notification arrives

[ALERT] Delete message time back to: 1hr 30 mins

ALERT Forward limit back to: 5

To avoid Bulk Messaging and Spamming

Removed 5-minute status option


Base Update 2.19.115

Taken downDue to Security hole (CVE-2019-3568) which allows hackers to hack your account.


Base Update 2.19.34

Exclusive Know Deleted Status ( next to time)!

Exclusive Custom Online toast! Enable for specific people (find it in Contact Profile)

Added Option to pin group description to chat (Chat 3-dot menu > Group Description)

Added Change Deleted msg icon color (Option 3.1.17)

Added Support to download themes with home wallpaper from YoThemes Store

Fixed Status Saving button issues

Fixed Status incorrect story saving

Fixed Calls privacy not saving chosen list

Fixed Pics in chat (Inside) not working properly

Fixed Random crashes in conversation

Fixed Random Android O+ emoji crashes

Misc More bug fixes and improvements!

[ALERT] Anti-Delete for Messages and Status by default (turn off if you want).



Fixed Voice note recording in some Android 8+ devices

Fixed Voice note contact picture not showing fully with pics in chat

Fixed Quoted message indicator colors issue

Fixed Crash when accessing 6.Password

Misc More bug fixes and improvements!


YOWhatsApp Gold


Base Update 2.18.361

Exclusive You can add Custom Stickers from Play Store to all packages! (com.yowa, com.yowa2)

Enabled Reply privately in Groups (select message>3-dot menu)

Enabled Stickers

Added New Emojis

Added Disable “Forward” tag option (YoMods>Privacy>Disable Forwarded)

Re-Added Anti-Delete Status/Story option (YoMods>Privacy>Anti-Delete Status)

Added Vibrate option for Hidden chats (click gear icon in Hidden chats page)

Added In-App Language changer support for Android 8.0+ (Option 1.3.0)

Added Hidden chats will not show in “Calls” tab log

Added Document bubble now applies bubble text color!

Added Speed improvements in YoThemes Store

Added Password settings are now protected also when app is locked

Added Increase Forward limit (multicast) to 100 chats (USE AT OWN RISK!)

Added Stickers bubble takes color automatically

Added Confirm message before clearing recent emojis

Added Hindi Language to In-App Language Changer (Option 1.3.0)

Improved WhatsApp AppLock

Improved Pics Outside Bubble performance

Improved When Hide Contact name is activated, contact name will not show in recents

Improved Reduced lags and more speed!

Fixed Forwarded Audio does not show pics in chat

Fixed Blocked Calls stay in notification bug

Fixed Emoji not showing correctly in contact status

Fixed White time color issue in Media bubble

Fixed Download Button goes below navbar in Status

Fixed Hide Dividers option not applying in Status tab

Fixed Security holes in Conversation lock

Fixed RTL languages overlap in Dribble and Dribble V2 entries

Misc More bug fixes and improvements!


(Happy New Year!)

Base Update 2.17.427

EXCLUSIVE-BETA Media Privacy! Hide WhatsApp Media (Images/Videos/GIFs) from phone gallery (YoMods > Option 7)!

Exclusive Switch between old and new emojis (Option 1.3.2)

Exclusive Fixed delay in Custom Hide second tick for CONTACTS

New Lock Design

Added New Emojis

Added Option to remove custom privacy for a contact (YoMods > Privacy > Custom privacy)

Added Recent/Viewed bar background color in Status (Option 2.1.9)

Added Recent/Viewed bar text color in Status (Option 2.1.10)

Added Change colour of message counter text colour (Option 2.1.2)

Added Option to disable vibration in pattern (Option 6.0.6)

Enabled Search in Storage usage

Enabled Group members search (when members > 10)

Enabled Group admin settings, waiting server activation

Improved Custom Privacy changing randomly (Please check YoMods > Privacy > Custom privacy)

Improved Swipe to exit

Improved Speed entering the conversation

New package com.yowhatsapp2 to run 3rd YoWA number

Fixed choosing lock wallpaper for some phones (Option 6.0.4)

Fixed Opening Verified contacts info

Misc Other bugs fixes and Improvements


(Thanksgiving special)

Exclusive Custom Hide name for contact/group (Click on name > Hide contact name)

Exclusive Disable notification while playing voice notes (Option 1.3.10)

Added Locked chat messages will be hidden in Widget

Fixed Slow and lag when scrolling

Fixed WhatsApp size (data) getting bigger

Fixed Widget bypass WhatsApp Lock/locked conversations

Misc Other bugs fixes and Speed Improvements

Thank you for choosing YoWA!


Base Update 2.17.395

Exclusive Show Blue ticks after reply! (mark message as read, only when you reply!) (YoMods > Privacy)

Exclusive Hide name of person you’re talking with! (Option 3.3.3)

Excuslive Added Rescue Mode! if whatsapp crashes, Rescue Mode will be shown to give you options to fix!

New YoThemes Store Design

Added-Finally Added Gradient Colouring, with preview!

Added Custom Anti-Delete

Added Highlight a message and start typing to automatically reply!

Added New WhatsApp Emojis and new design

Added Set Recovery question to unlock forgotten PIN/Pattern (Option 6.0.0)

Added Reset Option in color dialog, to restore default colour

Added Links Preview now take same color as quoted

Added 2 new bubbles and ticks

Enabled See Storage usage per chat (Settings > Data and storage usage)

Enabled Sending Live Location, so people can see your location while moving!

Enabled Stickers when sending pics!

Moved Ticks Style to Option 3.2.3

Fixed Fixed Sending location, now you can see Maps!

Fixed Text Status/Story download button, press download button to copy text status

Fixed Groups not showing in view all custom privacy

Fixed Online Toast not showing names

Fixed 90% White theme issues

Fixed Cleaning WhatsApp logs

Fixed WhatsApp randomly crashing when receiving messages

Fixed Home screen header not taking system font

Fixed all bugs of V7.00

Misc Other bugs fixes and Improvements

Base Update 2.17.323 (Play Store)

SUPER-EXCLUSIVE Anti-Delete messages! (messages can’t be deleted for you)

NEW Unlimited period to “delete for everyone” for old messages! Now you can delete messages from 1+ year ago!!

Improved Privacy Page and settings

Added See all Custom privacy settings (YoMods > Privacy > Custom privacy)

Added Custom Hide View Status

Added Disable calls option for a single contact

Added Change contact name color in home screen (Option 2.1.5)

Added Ability to select phone number in contact info page

Added Name and status in home screen now take font style

Added Increase limit videos to GIF, up to 30 seconds

Fixed White theme header icons issue

Fixed Voice Call text colors

Fixed Forward icon not showing

Fixed YoThemes Store crashing on search

Misc Other Bug Fixes

(Eid Edit ion)

Base Update 2.17.306

Exclusive Calls privacy, select who can call you! (YoMods > Privacy > Incoming calls)

Exclusive Enabled Filters when pictures/video!

Added Fonts Preview in Font Style

Added Android O Emojis

Added Support to zoom in/out of themes screenshots

Added Option to delete conversation media when deleting a chat (Hidden feature)

Added Option to control conversation lock in the contact/group info page

Added Page title text color (option 2.1.5)

Added Page selected title color (option 2.1.6)

Added Selected Tab Underline color (option 2.1.7)

Added In-conversation Translate to Turkish

Added 6 new fonts

Improved Calls screen icons now automatically takes color Fixed Pics in chat text alignment issues

Fixed Calling UI not coloring

Fixed Text overlapping icons in some Entries

Fixed GIF search window goes behind keyboard

Fixed Text(T) style not changing in text status screen

Fixed 2 icons in launcher issue

Misc Other bug-fixes and improvements

Added Anti-Expiry

Removed Annoying Update WhatsApp message

Base Update 2.17.262

Exclusive Fingerprint lock (Per Chat and App Lock)

Exclusive Locked chats: message content hidden in Home Screen

Exclusive Option to enable/disable message counter on launcher icon (1.3.9)

Exclusive Option to show/hide pattern drawing path (6.0.4)

Added Allow sending any file type from file manager

Added Pin up to 1000 chats

Added Control Max Image Resolution (Option 5.0.1)

Added Locked chats: message content hidden in notification

Added FAB Icons color (Option 4.0.4)

Added Info (Date/Missed call) bubbles Text and background colour (Options 3.1.25 – 3.1.26)

Added New fonts (Mohanad font added)

Added Album feature enabled

Added Enabled New Call UI

Updated Emojis One V3 (full set)

Fixed Mention/reply white color issue

Fixed Turkish and other languages translations

Fixed Visual bug in PIN Lockscreen

Fixed Media Caption and Date not taking colors

Fixed FAB Transparent color

Fixed Online toast not working on some devices

Fixed FB Messenger round bubble

Fixed Wamod Entry visual bug

Optimised Size and Emojis PNGs (thanks to Furkan Geldi)

Test Reduced network usage

Misc Other Fixes and Improvements

Misc Emoji-changer variant APK Sizes reduced from 50Mb to 37Mb

Base Update 2.17.146

Exclusive Swipe from left to right to exit conversations, like telegram! (Option 1.3.8)

Exclusive Send Full Resolution Images up to 7MB, HQ.

Added Pics in Chat (Options 3.4.0 .. 3.4.4)

Added Seperate Option for Navigation bar color

Added Option to choose Pin/Pattern for conversation lock

New Pattern lock design. (you have to re set any current lock).

Fixed Mention in all Entry styles

Fixed White background when replying (all entries)

Fixed Archived Chats background color

Fixed Bugs fixes

Misc Speed Improvements

Base Update 2.17.111

Exclusive Save Stories Videos/Images!!

Exclusive Send any file type (zip, rar, apk, exe, etc..)

Exclusive Pinned Chats (Long click on chat and click pin icon)

Added Load Theme to choose theme (xml) from sdcard

Added Change Quote Colors (Options: 3.1.18, …, 3.1.21)

Added Change Emoji header color (Option 3.1.22)

Added Change Emoji header icons color (Option 3.1.23)

Added Change Emoji picker background color (Option 3.1.24)

Added Support to disable heads-up in Android 7.0+ (Option 1.3.5)

Added WhatsApp Round icon

Fixed Android 7.1.1 Shortcuts

Fixed In-conversation Translation

Updated In-App Language changer Translations

Misc Speed Improvements

Misc Bug fixes

Base Update 2.17.81

Exclusive Hide View Status/Story Privacy

Exclusive Set Status video upto 5 minutes!!

Exclusive Set Profile Picture as wallpaper (Option 3.1.1)

Added New Emojis

Added New Story/Status working

Added Recent colors

New Stock Conversation entry UI

New FAB in Status screen

Improved Change Lock wallpaper Option (6.0.6)

Fixed ContactStatus showing in groups

Fixed Always online not working on some phones

Fixed Online toast not showing unsaved numbers

Fixed Random Bold text in Home screen

Fixed Bugs fixes and speed improvements

Misc Both old Status (text) and new Status (Story) enabled

Frequently Asked Questions about YOWhatsApp Gold


YOWhatsApp Gold

Here we gave some popular questions that people always ask and if you have those questions then here is your answer.

Is YOWhatsApp Gold Safe?

Yes, actually YOWhatsApp Gold is built on top of the latest version of the official WhatsApp app. Though the app is not available on Google play store and it doesn’t come from WhatsApp official sources, we can say that it is secure and there will be no issues using it.

What is YOWhatsApp Gold?

As we have discussed it earlier in the article above, YOWhatsApp Gold is the modded third-party version of the official WhatsApp app. All the features of the official app will remain the same, but it comes with some additional features which lack in the original version.

How to Download YOWhatsApp Gold?

Since YOWhatsApp Gold is not the official version of WhatsApp, it is not available on the Google Play store. There are lots of websites on the Internet that provide download links but all are not secure and safe. You might fail for spyware or malware. So, we recommend you to download YOWhatsApp Gold from our website. Direct download links will be provided below, just click and download.

YOWhatsApp Gold Features Apk Download [Official Anti-Ban] Latest Version

Download Now

Size: 37MB


As we have discussed earlier, YOWhatsApp Gold provides tons of feature which official In WhatsApp fail to do. Some of the features like downloading the status images and videos, to be able to hide online presence, privacy lock, customization which comes with Dark themes. Not only this, more amazing features are under action and they are soon to be released by the developers. Now, after having a look at this feature, you will surely want to use this modified version of WhatsApp. Well, we understand you and that’s why we have given the direct download link for “YOWhatsApp Gold”. It’s just not a WhatsApp, but it is something more than that. Download now and enjoy those all features for free. And please keep visit Hellomodapk for more mod’s

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